Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Phew! What a scorcher ...

As temperatures soared in Kent today, the traffic queues got longer and longer.  When Calais closes, Kent becomes one enormous car park and everything just grinds to a standstill as the M20 becomes a lorry park.  

As I was sitting in traffic today, the temperature soared to a balmy 37 degrees ...  Bit too toasty for my liking ..

But it's good haymaking weather and David has been absolutely flat out baling and carting hay.  The barn is filling up nicely!  And still lots of grass to cut ..

The goaties are not enjoying the heat very much at all.  They have a quick trot out into their field after morning milking and then come back indoors as the barn is slightly cooler.  Then they just sit around and pant all day.

It's always a worrying time when the temperature rises and we have to keep a close eye on everyone to make sure that noone is becoming stressed and overheated, especially the older girls where extreme heat can sometimes lead to heart attack.

I was concerned about Cilla goat this evening as she was panting very heavily and getting quite distressed. 

 I soaked a towel in cold water and threw it over her and gave her a nice big bucket of water (with a little extra rehydration salts) ... David also found a fan for her!

It took a couple of hours for her to calm down but she was lying down in a corner of the barn with a nice cool breeze blowing over her when we left tonight.

And, of course, the heat doesn't seem to affect some people at all ...  Young Monkey goat ..

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