Monday, 13 July 2015

Another lovely day at the Rosewood

The Rosewood Hotel is an exceedingly elegant hotel situated on Holborn, just on the edge of the City of London.  Every Sunday it plays host to the only Slow Food Market in the country.

I rolled up at the back entrance as usual, turned in to the courtyard and was greeted with nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  No stalls, no people, nothing.  Brief panic as I wondered if the market had been cancelled and someone had forgotten to email me ...  But as I turned further in to the entrance, I was relieved to see that the market had just moved round the corner into the very lovely main courtyard to the hotel.  Panic over!

And what a setting for a market!  How beautiful is this?

That's our stall to the right (by the yellow box)

Pearl, the hotel dog, was beside herself with excitement and spent the whole day wandering between stallholders to see if there were any tasty little morsels on offer.

Most of her time was spent staring lovingly at the two young men from Gastronomica who had the most wonderful range of charcuterie .. a firm favourite with Pearl.

But it all proved to be too much for her and she eventually fell asleep beneath Oak and Smoke...

And how about this for a wonderful sculpture .. made from branches of  wood.  Amazing!

To find out more about the Slow Food Market, check out the website:


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