Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Boys and their toys

I am happy with the small things in life like a delicious ripe tomato or a small goatie face bleating at me.  Boys, on the other hand, seem to require much larger and more expensive things to keep them satisfied.

Here is David with his latest toy, getting ready for the new hedgecutting season which will soon be upon us.

Joking apart, the old hedgecutter was starting to become unreliable and David seemed to spend a lot of his time fixing it, rather than cutting hedges with it.  This new machine also has a 'forward reach' setting which means that David does not have to twist round in his seat so much for long periods of time - this was causing him some serious back and neck problems last season.  Not as young as he used to be!

For myself, I am happy with something like this:

This happy little face is a sweet girl called Erin.  She struggled with life for many weeks after being born and spent virtually all her pre-weaning days in our hospital pen.  She was small, skinny and not very well at all.  Every day I would spend hours cleaning, feeding and cuddling her.  And all that effort finally paid off.  She is now a beautiful and healthy little goat.

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