Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Countdown to Borough Market!

I have to keep pinching myself as I still can't believe that we are actually going to be trading at Borough Market!  It really will be such an honour to be there .. to stand where hundreds of traders have sold their wares for over 1000 years will just be SO amazing.

Tomorrow I will introduce you to our new Borough Market Manager, Joe .. you may recognise him from some of our London Farmers Markets.  He is young and talented and incredibly enthusiastic.  As a cheesemaker he is very knowledgeable and happy to answer as many questions as customers like to throw his way.  He will be a huge asset to the Ellie's Dairy team and I am certain that he will wow the crowds at Borough!

So, today we took a little jaunt up to the Market to put some of our larger pieces of equipment into storage.  Tomorrow we need space in the van for all our other market paraphernalia and a box or two of goatie produce!

Then we got some delicious lunch and sat just where our stall will be in Three Crown Square to soak up some of the atmosphere.

A quick wander round Neal's Yard Dairy and Brindisa ... and then back home to carry on milking and loading the van for tomorrow.

Back at the ranch, the goaties are quite oblivious to all the excitement and were just lying around basking in the sunshine:

However, there was a brief flurry of excitement yesterday evening when Kelly (daughter of Jane the Cheese) arrived on her motorbike with a large bag of bananas for some lucky goaties.

Margot, one of our slightly infirm older ladies, was first in the queue:

But, when there are bananas around, you can guarantee that Footsie won't be far away .... and it didn't take her long to spot what was going on!

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