Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Xmas quiz

Here's a little teaser for you .... What is this woman doing?

Clue .... this is a picture of me taken early this morning doing something related to Xmas.  Answer on the next blog!!

Not only is it the festive season, it's also fat goat season ...  Here's our lovely Cristal still snuggled up in bed this morning when I arrived in the shed:

We were unable to get Cris in kid last year for some reason and so she has spent the last year just being dry.  All of a sudden she started to get fat and we assumed that she had gone into a cloudburst (phantom pregnancy).  However, scanning last week showed that it is not just fluid but twins!  What a good girl.  At the moment she is probably the fattest goat in the barn and still has a couple of months to go.  Poor fat Cristal goat!

1 comment:

  1. Gathering Winter fuel????
    Can you burn goat dung the way Indians use Cow Dung? LOL

    I guess you haven't got food in the bucket of you'd have been mugged!

    Have to wait to find tomorrow's answer :-)