Sunday, 9 December 2012

Daramac goes on his holidays

Those of you who have been following our little blog for some time may remember that our lovely white boy Daramac used to spend a lot of his time in Margate with our friend Mary to keep her boy Gus company.  Sadly, Gus died earlier this year and so Daramac came back to live permanently with us. 

He has been a very busy boy again this year but finished his work when we moved the goatlings back up into the main barn a couple of weeks ago.  However, barely had he got his breath back when Mary arrived on Friday to take him away on his Xmas holidays.  She still has a couple of young ladies who require his services and so he will be spending the festive season by the seaside.

He will be sharing his hotel suite with Casper who is only a little chap and a son of his old mate Gus.  I spoke with Mary on Saturday to make sure that my boy was behaving himself as he is rather large and can be quite a handful, but she assured me that he was perfectly happy and that he and Casper were getting along quite well.  Daramac had apparently taken the best spot right under the hayrack, just to let Casper know who was boss.

The weather on Saturday was absolutely glorious and the sun shone on Balham Farmers Market.  But I think everyone must have been Xmas shopping in town as it was a pretty quiet day for most of us.  Just as well perhaps as we have very little stock this time of year - milk and cheese is very thin on the ground.  However, we do have other lovely bits and bobs to sell including our delicious goat meat, handmade goats milk soap and wonderful quince jelly.

I stacked up the jars of quince and let the sun shine through them.  Just like a stained glass window!  It certainly caught the eye of many people walking past and one of my customers stopped to take a photo for me:

Such a glorious colour!

No market for me today so David and I spent some time moving straw and hay around ready for the week ahead.  The weatherman is predicting heavy snow for us on Tuesday night and so I restacked a load of hay bales in the barn to block up some of the gaps and make it as weatherproof as possible.  I just hope that we don't get the blizzards and avalanche like we had  in February .. remember that?


No point in worrying .. we will just have to wait and see what the week brings!

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