Saturday, 29 December 2012

A change of plan for kidding

Followers of our little blog may recall that naughty Margot was scheduled to kick off the 2013 kidding season around 25 Feb. 

Well sadly, there has been a change of plan as Margot lost her babies yesterday.  Poor Margot.  She was a bit off colour at the end of last week so that may have had something to do with it but we will never know.  Nothing to see but a bit of a mucky tail end and lots of pitiful bleating.  When this kind of thing happens, those old goatie hormones kick in and Margot thinks that she has actually had her kids.  So, she spent yesterday wandering around bleating sadly and looking for her babies. 

It is so heart-breaking to watch and that sad bleating is just too much.  She was just so miserable yesterday she wouldn't eat and I think she was still pretty uncomfortable as well.  And believe me, there is nothing so miserable as a miserable goat.

But today she had perked up and by this evening was tucking into her food and enjoying a banana treat.  We let her wander around the barn while we were milking so that she could have a good old munch.  Much better! 

No doubt she will be up to her old tricks in a couple of days, shoving that gate open to get into the parlour. 

So, kidding should begin now on the following day with young Twiggy goat, our miraculously pregnant girl!  Closely followed by lovely Hebe with her triplets.  But of course, things never go according to plan so it will probably be one of the goatlings who starts us off!

And who is this handsome chap in the feed barrow?

Yes, indeed, my lovely Fremlin.  He decided that he wanted to stay over the 'milking' side of the barn this evening but wasn't quite brave enough to head up the ramp with the girls.  So, he just sauntered through into the parlour and got stuck into his dinner.

What a gorgeous boy!

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