Wednesday, 5 December 2012

First snow of the season

As David arrived in the barn this morning he announced that it was going to start snowing around 8am.  And so it did .. The first flurries of the season!  Not enough to cause a problem but just enough to be annoying. 

Off I went on my local Wednesday morning deliveries .. very pretty in  the woods on the way to one house:
The Gracie Moos didn't seem to mind as they were waiting for their breakfast to arrive:
And there was absolutely no chance of the goaties even sticking their noses outside.  Daphne and Flora were snuggled up watching the snow fall through the back door:
But as I am now back indoors all warm and cosy in front of my coal fire, it seems to have stopped and is starting to melt.  More forecast for the end of the week I believe ..
Think they have had a bit more in Scotland though - here's a photo sent by one of my customers.  Gorgeous!





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