Thursday, 19 January 2012

Students and spaceships

Every year we seem to become more popular with vet students looking for a work experience placement.  Last year we had two second year vet students and a fully qualified veterinary nurse who was looking to go back and upgrade her studies to become a veterinary surgeon.  All of them were great and worked really hard, especially with those babies who needed a little extra attention.

If you have read the 'red feather' blog you will notice a comment posted by Charlotte who was our last student of the year.  She had a great technique for feeding multiple hungry kids and here's the proof (sorry Charlotte, but it had to be done!):

This year we have already got one vet student, one prospective vet student and a college work experience student lined up.  Looking like another busy year!

I had a long chat this afternoon with the organiser of the Wise Traditions Conference about the arrangements for the conference in March.  This year it will be held at Epsom racecourse over two days and it promises to be even bigger and better than last year.  Ellie's Dairy is proud to be one of the 'milk sponsors' for the event which means that we provide raw milk for the catering - not only for the tea and coffee during the day but also for the rather excellent breakfasts which are produced.  Rude Health provide the porridge and Hurdlebrook Farm provide the cow's milk and cream.  Delicious!  Check out all the details on their website at

And what of the spaceships?!  Well, as we are up and about early in the morning and late at night, David and I enjoy a bit of star-gazing.  It's a bonus of living in the country that you can enjoy proper darkness and inky black skies full of twinkling stars.  We have recently started to look out for the International Space Station passing overhead and it's become a bit of a hobby now!  NASA has a great website with loads of information and you can check when the ISS can be sighted from your location.  OK, so it's a bit geeky, but it's great when you actually do manage to spot it!  This week is particularly good for us, early in the morning.  Isn't it just typical though that the weather has changed and it's gone cloudy!  Can't see a thing at the moment!! 

Our white boy, Daramac, is still with us and he's spending more and more time out with the other chaps.  Here he is enjoying some hay with Navajo:

That little pink patch that you can see on his side is where he kept squeezing out through his 'cat flap'!  The hair is starting to grow back now though so soon he will be back to his former glory.

Delivery day as usual tomorrow and then Wye Market on Saturday.  Let's hope it's a busy one!

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  1. You are great, guys!)) Lucky are those students who get an opportunity to work at your place) Thanks a lot for the chance for young vets))