Tuesday, 17 January 2012

It's big and brown and very very round ...

It was lovely to see the goats outside in the field again today.  I can't believe that this weather will last much longer!

Tammy, our oldest girl, was one of the first ones out today.  She is the shaggy brown one in the centre of this photo.

David had put a large bale of hay in last night and so some preferred to stay indoors.  We have a little song in the goat shed at the moment that goes something like .. 'it's big and brown and very very round ...'  And here are two very fine examples - Footsie and Flora:

Flora is the one standing up on her hind legs to the right of Footsie.  She is 8 years old this year and I am very surprised that she is still being so active.  She is usually a pretty lazy goat (see earlier blogs) but when she is heavily pregnant, she gets even worse.  During the final month of her pregnancy, she can usually be found directly under a hay rack so she can reach the hay without having to get up, but she also refuses to get up for food or anything else.  David and I have to physically haul her to her feet (no mean task!) and make her waddle over to get a drink or something to eat to make sure that she keeps moving.  She just gets so enormous that I think she really can't be bothered with the whole thing and would quite happily just vegetate under a hayrack!

And if you have been wondering what Marmite is up to these days ..

Lying on the floor next to my washing airer.  This spot on my bedroom floor is where the radiator pipes run underneath, so it's always nice and toasty.

I managed to snap a few other good pics this afternoon in the goat shed:

Fremlin and Larking posing at the gate.

Max eyeing up one of the girls in the next barn

Fremlin smelling something nice! 

The boys (and girls) lift their top lips like this when they can smell something they like - when the boys do it, it's usually because they can smell a nice girlie!

When I left Franklins shop in East Dulwich on Friday, they gave me a lovely box of 'less than perfect' apples and pears.  A quick half hour transformed this:

into buckets of this:

All went down a treat after milking this evening.  Certainly looks like Perdi goat enjoyed it anyway!!

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  1. Oh, my giddy goat, pardon to all you Goaty Folk, but your mama does write the funniest blogs.. they can't be true.. or are they? Well, heavens to Mercatrode, having been told about Victoria Goat's antics, they most probably are.

    And Ellie, I gather from HER that you had a 'proper' job before you were a Goat Mama? So, how come you & David ended up in Kent with all of yourGoaty Folk?

    'We' want to read all about it ..like La Vie en Rose that Joanna writes... tell us more!