Saturday, 28 January 2012

Ellie goes in search of Wombles

or rather ... Debbie goes to Wimbledon Market.  Lovely market but not a womble in sight. 

That's Orinoco by the way .. for those of you old enough to remember ....

So, first time out at Wimbledon - good established market that has been going for about 10 years.  And we made it onto the blackboard by the entrance!

Sadly I was next to the very delicious Cakehole stall ... rude not to come home with several pieces of cake.  David was happy that they had baked cheesecake so I think I may be allowed to go again next month.

All our cheese went down very well, especially the Shaggy's Beard camembert which was absolutely spot on for the market.  Nice and ripe, just starting to run.  Delicious!  Sold out of that one.  Also sold out of milk which was great - people are starting to learn about us in the London markets and come looking to find the stall as we are the only people doing raw goat's milk on any of the markets.

Fortunately, the weather did stay dry, despite the large black clouds looming for part of the day.  I was hoping that it wouldn't rain as there is nothing worse than trying to pack up a wet gazebo - especially when you need it for another market tomorrow.  It did get bitterly cold towards lunchtime though but all the stall holders were revived by Nicky, the market manager, coming round with hot drinks for everyone.  She boils up a kettle and brings a big tray of drinks round to all the stalls, bless her.  Here she is lurking behind the stalls opposite me, whisking up mugs of coffee and hot chocolate:

I had also taken some diced kid meat along and that also proved very popular.  I have managed to find my special Sri Lankan goat curry recipe which I will copy and take along to Parson's Green tomorrow - it's a delicious flavoursome curry (not too hot).

That's another idea I have for some time in the future when I have time (ha ha ...).  An Ellie's Dairy recipe book - nice things to do with goatie milk and cheese and meat.  One day ...

Right then .. off to do the hot water bottles (yes, Marmite has one of her own to stop her hogging mine all night) and then to bed ... getting up at 4am does nothing for my wrinkles!

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  1. SHE is out of bed and coming YOUR way Ellie...
    We can't have Mr. Woe back in the kitchen and the only way is to have YOUR milk in the fridge.. We are thrilled to hear that The Goaty Milk is selling well and that the cheese slid off the plates and into other people's baskets. SHE has Wicker Trolley with HER so will be collecting Cheese, milk and meat from you.
    Best wishes from GeeGee Parrot.