Thursday, 5 March 2015

The waiting game

David spent a happy weekend mucking out so that we are all ready for kidding.  The girlies have a bit less space at this time of year to allow room for all those kidding pens to be put up.

At the moment there is a big empty space on one side of the barn:

But it will soon start to fill up!

The Boys have been moved back into the hay barn for the moment - Daramac and Hugo took it all in their stride as usual ..

Fenn and Clark were quite happy to have the big lads back in their house, though Fenn is still a little wary of Hugo.  I think it may have something to do with those ears!  And Beamish still has his smart coat on - probably for a couple more weeks.

The weather has been glorious for the last couple of days and the girls have been taking full advantage of the sunshine to get some fresh air in their field.  However, they have to cross the mud in the back yard to get out there and so there has to be a huge risk assessment meeting before anyone is allowed out in the field.

Everyone gathers in the sunshine up the side of the barn after milking ..

There is a lot of ear-pointing whilst everyone stares into the field to make sure that there are no trolls hanging about waiting to scare poor unsuspecting young goaties ..

And then finally, the brave ones tramp through the mud to reach the grass ..

And of course, there are always those who just prefer to stay indoors and keep their little goatie feet clean and dry ..

At milking time, Fizzy is still demanding to come into the parlour.  She likes to go up the ramp and join in with the other girls - I think it makes her feel important!  And so she comes round to the back gate, stands up on the fence and demands to be let in ..

Dear simple Marcie goat likes to come in with the very last lot and heads straight for the wheelbarrow.  Then she lies in it to make sure that she can reach the furthest and most tasty bits of food ..

No babies as yet but Husky is due in a couple of days and I think she will probably kid on time.  She has gone off her food a little and seems very restless.  Watch this space!

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