Sunday, 8 March 2015

Settling into motherhood

Husky has so far proved to be a very good new mum, but this evening she does seem to have taken exception to one of her babies for no apparent reason.  She keeps pushing her away, will not let her near the others but will let her feed and cleans her up.  So, not exactly sure what is going on in that little Husky brain but we are keeping a close eye on her.  We have also doubled the size of her pen to give her and the babies plenty more space and allow the little ones to find a corner away from mum when she is being stroppy.

This morning two of them were fast asleep in the food bowl:

And the third was having a little chat with mum:

The next lot are due towards the end of the week and then it's going to be full on for a few more weeks.  Fortunately, we have several excellent vet students coming to help - all of whom have been to us before.  I find it really thrilling that these young people are so keen to come back and visit us again.  Must be all the cake that we feed them!

Those of you who have followed our blog for some time may remember my dear Flora goat.  We are not allowed to have favourites but Flora was a very special goat and I was desperately upset when she died.  She left us a number of wonderful girls but there is one in particular who is beginning to look and act very much like Flora.  It is quite strange how she has taken on many of the mannerisms of her mum.

Here's my lovely Flora:

And here is Summer.

Very similar to her mum don't you think?  Sane colour, facial markings, ears and shape of face ... I know that one goat looks much like another to most people but you have to humour me on this one! When I look at Summer I see my dear Flora and she makes me smile every time!

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