Saturday, 14 March 2015

Keep them coming!

Babies everywhere!  Little TiddlyWiddly goat had quite a large female kid but handled it all very well, despite her size!

Young Connie produced 2 tiny little babies ..

Whilst Daisy popped out 3 with ridiculous ears!

Valerie is proud mum to 2 and, it has to be said, Handsome Humps is missing his mum very much.  He has also hurt one of his rear legs and was standing about looking very sad.  All he wants is a little cuddle from mum but, as you see, she is far too busy.  Poor Humps!

And Husky's sister Wolfie has a little female yesterday afternoon.  She very kindly lifts her leg in the air so that baby gets a good shot at the teat.

Meanwhile, Husky is back in with the milking herd and now has to work for a living (which she is not impressed about).  She made a pretty good mum - here she is with one of the babies.

Other new mums also include Enid, Lamia and Tiffany but I haven't been able to get any decent pics so far.  Will try tomorrow for you!

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