Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Just an excuse for more pics!

Little Huskyettes fast asleep in the sunshine:

And the new mums for today .. Quince with her 2 girls.  Pure white and silly ears!

And first time mum Dumdidum who gave birth to a little mini Hugo during our Trading Standards inspection this morning!  Fortunately, our lovely TS officer Wendy was thrilled to be present at the birth and so everything turned out well.

All mums and babies are doing very well so far.  Husky's babies are off to the vet tomorrow for disbudding and so Husky will return to the main herd.  We will see how she copes without her babies.  I suspect that she will just revert to being her normal stroppy goatie self.  Only now, she has to work for a living and come through the parlour for milking.  Don't think she will be impressed with that!

1 comment:

  1. We want to know how you ever get any work done? It's those silky ears.. She'd find it very hard not to be stroking them all day long..