Saturday, 21 March 2015

Babies, babies everywhere ...

It's that time of year again!  The noise level in the barn increases beyond reasonable levels and there are babies, maternity pens and buckets everywhere.  Chaos ... I love it!!!!

So, our mums have continued to oblige this week with the arrival of a number of new babies.  Many bear a striking resemblance to their daddy Hugo and so we have quite a selection of ridiculously large ears.

Here's some of the new kids on the block ..

Valerie's little men having a stressful day:

One of Meryl's babies - this is the male.  You can see him snuggled up to his sister on the second photo.  Meryl loves her babies and was very glad to finally get rid of that enormous udder!

JoJo had 3 babies - I have nicknamed them 'The Velvet Spiders'.  These are pure Anglo-Nubian and so have very excessive ears, strange bleats, long gangly black legs and coats like velvet.  Utterly gorgeous.  JoJo is a very lazy mother though and so I have spent most of my time in the barn attending to her babies - making sure that they are fed and cleaned as JoJo chooses to do neither!

JoJo's daughter Cleo, on the other hand, is a wonderful mum and very attentive to her two beautiful brown babies:

One of our young goatlings, Cara, is very proud of her new son:

And how about this for a cute little face - Constance's little man:

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