Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Arrivals and departures

A hectic week indeed!  A week of ups and downs, both human and animal.

The humans have not had such a good week.  Our 'dairy fairy' Julie slipped and fell on her (already dodgy) knee on Friday and has managed to tear a ligament.  Sounds horribly painful and she assured me that her knee was the size of a football and purple!  Lots of 'leg up' rest for Julie then .. so it looks like I have to do all my own cheesemaking and packing for a couple of weeks.  I think she is just breaking me in gently for when she goes away to New Zealand for 5 weeks over Xmas!

And then our dear goatie colleague Mary from Margate ended up in hospital with a heart attack over the weekend.  But as she called me on her mobile at 6am Sunday morning, it seemed that she was very much in control and directing operations from her hospital bed!  Get well soon Mary!

Over in the goat shed we had to bid a fond farewell to our beautiful old Daphne as she went rapidly downhill on Monday afternoon.  I like to think that she is now up there in goatie heaven keeping my beloved Fremlin company!

 But the good news for this week is that we now have two brand new calves.  Little bull calf arrived quite late last night and a heifer calf arrived just after milking this morning.  Here she is with mum - just born!


 We haven't managed to get a picture of the little chap yet as new mum is still getting to grips with him and is very nervous of people fiddling with her baby.  She is gradually getting the hang of him though and he will be a lovely strong boy.

That leaves just two ladies in waiting .. check out the size of the oldest Gracie Moo.  Makes Footsie seem exceedingly slim in comparison!

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