Thursday, 14 November 2013

Makeup on - let's go party!

Our lovely goatie helper Anita was hard at work trimming feet again yesterday.  She has been busy with the milkers for some time and managed to get the final girlies through their pedicures just before milking.  As is traditional, girls are marked up with red spray - sometimes a dot, sometimes a heart, sometimes a flower.  Largely depends what kind of mood Anita is in and whether the goaties will stand still enough to have a work of art emblazoned on their rump!

But whatever the design, it never fails to be attractive to all the other goats.  They all have to come over and have a sniff at the red mark, just in case they might miss out on something that could possibly be edible.

And the result is always entertaining ... numerous goats with red noses, red eyes and red lips ... Here's a few of the best from yesterday - all a bit Barbara Cartland I feel ...

A smiling Shares

Naughty Figgie

And a rather understated collection of 'slightly pink' ...

Husky was keen to help with the milking again this morning ...

She is due in season again this weekend and her pen is already built and waiting for the first sign of that little waggy tail!

But in all this cold and damp weather, Marmite has figured out that the best place is the cushion underneath the bathroom radiator ..

I'm definitely coming back as a cat in my next life.


  1. The goats are looking very 'girlie'
    I'm with Marmite ... find somewhere warm and curl up for the winter. We're off to the sunshine tomorrow :-)

  2. Yes I heard a rumour that you were leaving us all behind to face the chill wind!