Thursday, 21 November 2013

Out on parole!

Young Husky goat has been in prison again for a few days this week to avoid any 'accidents' with those boys.  She wasn't impressed at her new house but the high fences did the trick and kept her safe and sound and out of mischief!

She was released on parole for good behaviour last night and came in to help us with milking.  But she was so tired that she was falling asleep standing up.  Kind David lifted her onto his lap and she promptly dozed off .. looks like David did as well!

It's been a bit of a lazy week all round really as the weather has been quite cold and wet, so all the goaties have stayed indoors.  The hayracks have been very popular this week ...

The most coveted spot in the barn is right under the hayrack where a goatie can snuggle down into the comfy straw and be able to eat without having to move (or even stand up!).  Tuesday had Cecily hiding under one rack:

And Valerie and her little Humphrey settled under the other:

 Meanwhile, the Gracies were happily standing around in the wind and rain ..

We are keeping a very close eye on them at the moment as calves are due any day now!
And finally .. this is what happens when it goes quiet at the end of a farmers' market ...

 Vegetable carvings, courtesy of Galileo Farm!

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