Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Meet the new girls

Look at this lovely lot!

These 9 lovelies joined us on Saturday morning as our goatie colleague Mary is still recovering at home from her heart attack.  As it will be a while before she is back at full strength, we offered to take her milking girlies on their holidays so that she doesn't have to worry about them.  Mary still has the kids, goatlings and boys at her farm so her goat sheds are not empty!

The poor goaties have had a rough week.  With Mary being ill and in hospital, their routine has been disrupted and other people have been milking them to help Mary out.  Then just as they thought it was all settling down, they were herded into a trailer and brought to a completely different place.  Different milking parlour, different routine, lots more goats!

We have given them their own area at the moment whilst they settle into their new surroundings and although some of the older girls are a little nervous, everyone does come into the parlour for milking without too much of a problem.

Talking of problems in the parlour ..two of our youngsters had a bit of a moment yesterday evening when one of them decided to do a bit of stage-diving under her neighbour..

And finally .. a dear friend has lent me her antique spinning wheel so that I can try and remember everything I learnt last year!  I think I may have to call in a few favours with spinning friends and invite myself round for coffee and a quick refresher course!

But this wheel is wonderful - it is over 400 years old and in perfect working order.

It just fascinates me to think how many women have sat at this wheel and spun.  What did they look like?  Where did they live?  What did they eat?  Interesting don't you think?!

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  1. Wooooow, how amazing to have that Spinning Wheel! I am reading The Deadly Sisterhood and also watching The Tudor Monastery Farm and Spinning Wheels feature in & on both of these. Kentish Goat Wool? Could this be for sale on your stall soon?