Saturday, 28 December 2013

More new arrivals ..

So I hope that a good Xmas was had by all ... David and I managed to get a few hours in the middle of the day to have a nice meal and a rest but otherwise it was a normal day for us - up early for milking and back into bed quite late after evening milking and feeding.

Today was a special day as the remainder of the Zeila goat herd arrived on our farm.  Our dear friend Mary has finally taken the decision that it is time to retire from goatkeeping and so she arrived this morning with her goatlings and kids to add to our collection.  She also brought a large bag of parsnips with her for the milkers and so they were very pleased to see her!

The kids are really sweet and very friendly.  One of them is a daughter of our lovely Daramac so we will be able to see if he has passed on any of his undesirable habits!

We have put the youngsters in with Mary's milkers as they are all used to living togather and it will help them settle in better.  But tonight there seemed to be not even a hint of homesickness as they tucked into their evening meal.

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