Saturday, 1 June 2013

Big handsome boys

My lovely Fremlin is still going strong and decided that he might like a little trot into the milking parlour this evening.  However, as he was quite late coming in, there was hardly any food left in the wheelbarrow.  To avoid disappointment, we quickly found him a lovely ripe banana ..

What a gorgeous handsome chap!  Fremlin, that is .. not David.

The goaties are still enjoying their new field, despite the rubbish weather.  They tiptoe out across the mud in the yard and then race to the far end of the field where they have discovered something nice along the hedge.

That's Cassie staring at the camera ... Just coming down the ramp from milking and intent on heading out into the field with everyone else.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot ... that little girlie who seemed to have lost control of her front legs a short while ago:

She's doing much better and is up and about.  Although she is feeding herself pretty well on the automatic teats, I still give her a bottle of nice warm goatie milk every morning and evening, just to give her a little extra.  She has come to expect her bottle now and runs to the fence bleating whenever I walk into the barn!

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