Monday, 10 June 2013

A simple observation test

Who remembers Shares, our show-jumping goat?  Well ... seems that she hasn't lost her skills.  Take a look at the following photo and see if you can work out what the problem is ..

Seemingly just another picture of goats grazing in the field.  But if you put your specs on and peer at the middle of the photo you can see a white line stretching across from side to side just behind the orange oil drum.  This is the electric fence.  All the goats are on the far side of the electric fence.  Apart from Shares ...

Meanwhile, the cats were hugely busy this afternoon:

In my next life, I'm going to come back as a Mitzy/Marmite cat.

1 comment:

  1. Well.. Mama Goaty.. what can WE say.. if YOU choose to have a quilt cover with navy paw prints all over it.. someone will think this is the pawfect place to doze for a few hours..
    SHE will see YOU at Wombly Wimbledon..
    GeeGee Parrot.