Monday, 3 June 2013

Better late than never ...

Good old Kitty! The last babies of the year arrived around lunchtime today - 1 male and 1 female:

Sweet little things they are too.  You forget just how tiny and lovely the newborns are when there are so many all grown up and weaned!

So, barring surprises, that should be it for this year.  Kidding is officially over!  Hurrah!!!!

It was a bit of a 'baby' day actually as our scanning man, Michael, also came to check out the Gracie Moos to see if they were pregnant.  I had him check on a couple of the goats as well, just to make sure that there was nothing lurking inside!

You may remember Michael from our scanning last year ... doing goats is quite civilised:

Scanning cows is much more ... erm ... intrusive ....  And requires some protective clothing!  Here's Michael modelling this season's bovine scanning outfit:

The Gracies are all very well behaved and so it was no problem to get each of them through the gates and into the crush so that Michael could have a look:

And all five of them are in calf.  Well done, old Frederick!  We were wondering if he had done his job as none of us ever saw him in action.  He obviously just didn't like to do anything in public with an audience!  So, that's more calves due from mid-November.

Whilst all this was going on, the goats were out in their field.  But, typical nosey creatures that they are, they all had to come over and see what was going on:

Valerie and her little men are regular visitors to the milking parlour now and this morning, that brave little black chap came right up the ramp and into one of the stalls.  All by himself.  Clever lad!

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