Saturday, 15 June 2013

Tragedy strikes

Life has a way of kicking you in the teeth every so often.  Just when you think you have had a good day, everything turns upside down.

Today was the best ever market at West Hampstead.  Lots of customers spending oodles of lovely cash on our goatie produce.  Came home to find all the goaties enjoying the sunshine in their field and all seemed well with the world. 

Milking was the usual battle of wits with the naughty goats and, as usual, Valerie and her little chaps came in right at the end.  Little chaps jumped into the wheelbarrow and had their dinner.  All seemed well.

But less than 30 minutes later I was holding Valerie's little black boy as he died in my arms.  Something so sudden and so severe that we could do nothing to save him.  Realising that we were about to lose him, we separated Valerie and his brother into a pen of their own and I sat with them, holding her other baby as I watched him slip away.

When you have animals, these things happen from time to time but it never gets any easier.

Au revoir little man ...

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  1. Dear Debbie Goaty Mum.. We are very sad to hear about the death of Valerie's little black boy.. thank goodness you were there and he did not die with no one to cuddle him as he went over to the big clover Goaty pasture in the sky.. where he will find Hugo and other such cute but norty Goaty folk.
    WE will see you next Saturday at wobbly Wimbledon.
    GeeGee Parrot & HER.