Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Who ate all the pies?

Well, not exactly pies ....but you get the general idea ...

Look familiar?  Mmmm ... Big fat Footsie goat.  And she stuck her tongue out at me ....

And what was the cause of this huge belly?   Remember that paddy field?

Here's what it looked like in the Bank Holiday sunshine ...

Lovely new fresh grass.  And the goaties absolutely loved it! 

I think Footsie must have spent the entire day just chomping her way around the field.  And everyone had huge amounts of milk for us this morning ...  Wonderful!

Whilst the goats were exploring their new field yesterday I was working hard selling cheese at the Three Tuns Produce Fair in Lower Halstow, not far from Sittingbourne.  The Three Tuns is a lovely pub and this is the third year that hosts Chris and Carol have held the food fair.  We have been lucky with the weather every year and it is wonderful to see so many people coming to try all the lovely food on offer.  Chris always does a hog roast and it is testament to his expertise that it ran out after only about an hour and a half!!

I took a slightly different route back to the pub after parking my van and ended up by the village church and the creek.  Beautiful!

It made up for a dismal wet day today which I spent mostly sitting stationary on the M25 in horrendous traffic and pouring rain.

But however dismal the day has been, those goaties always manage to make me smile ...  Valerie and her kids are now regular visitors to the milking parlour and those little chaps head straight for that feed barrow:

Heads down .. bottoms up!


  1. Bleat bleat.. it is I your avian friend.. we will see you on sunday, please save a big tub of goaty curd for us.. we will be bring rosemRy for your goTy girls and boys.. bleat bleat.. over and out!

  2. Looking forward to it!! See you Sunday x