Friday, 10 May 2013

Twinkle and the aliens

Our very pregnant Twinkle goat decided that she would like to come into the milking parlour for her breakfast yesterday morning.  As she stood eating from the wheelbarrow, we noticed that there seemed to be rather a lot of movement inside ... Those babies looked like they were getting into position to break out!  Watch out for that little foot appearing ...

And we were right.  At around midnight on a cold and very blustery night, Twinkle proudly pushed out two lovely baby girls (pics to follow over the weekend).  They then kept me awake all night squeaking and shouting.  Not much sleep last night ....

Those old Gracie Moos were on form as well, shouting the place down because David was late with their breakfast.  What a racket!

As you can see, they are still out in the cattle yard at the moment whilst we wait for the grass to grow enough to let them out in the field again.  They have been in the yard for 6 months this year - absolutely unheard of!  Hopefully, they will be able to go out within the next couple of weeks.
So, off to Balham tomorrow.  Weather forecast is not too good and it looks like I will be hanging on to my awning in a howling gale again.  Ah well, c'est la vie!

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  1. Well with that busy night you had.. what a good thing you did not have to spend your time at Balham hanging onto the gazebo! What delicious things you sell... WE plan to break our fast tomorrow with buttered eggs and some Goaty Curd.. scrummydumptious stuff indeedy! And will see you at wombly Wimbledon..