Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Valerie and her babies

Followers of our little blog may be interested to know that young Valerie has had her babies.  Remember Valerie?  She of the dodgy sore leg who was living free range out in the hay barn while her leg mended.

Well, she has had her babies - two fine young men - and now they are all free range in the hay barn!!

One white baby and one black baby!

We have left them with her so that it keeps her moving around and gives her leg plenty of exercise.  It also keeps control of her milk as she would really struggle to get into the milking parlour with her bad leg at the moment and so the babies may as well have it.

They are such funny little creatures.  They run about and play and then suddenly curl up under a wheelbarrow and go to sleep.  And of course, mum Valerie is very attentive and doesn't like them to stray too far where she can't see them.

But the funniest thing is watching them feed.  Valerie will often stand up for them but sometimes when she is resting her leg, the babies just feed while she is lying down.  Something like this:

Clever babies!


  1. Maaaaaet. maaaa.. it is US.. HER and ME aka GeeGee Parrot and MY mum.. will you be at amongst the Wombles in Wimbleden next weekend?

    Because, if you are going to be there and it is not completely tipping it down, SHE will try to get down to the plot to pick Rosemary for the Goaty folk..

    Thank goodness you did not get the snow like Guernsey?

    Best hugs to all.. GeeGee & HER

  2. Dearest GG

    Yes we will be in Wombleland next Saturday. Would be delighted to see you as always! xx