Sunday, 17 March 2013

177 and counting

The grand total so far!  but you never know, it could still rise before the end of the night.

Babies everywhere.  Pens and hurdles and more buckets than you can shake a stick at.  David always laughs at me as he thinks I have a bucket fixation.  A woman can never have too many buckets ... and at this time of year, he agrees with me!

Most of the work this week has been done by the goatlings who are all first time mums.  They have all done very well, with a couple of minor exceptions, and are now getting to grips with coming in for milking.

As you see, there is a lot of noise involved as well.  This is Vivien waiting at the gate to come in for milking this evening!


All kids are cute but there are always a few special ones every year..This week I have shared my sleeping bag with 3 other little people. First up was a tiny white girl born to new mum Nibor.  She is so small  ....

But seems to be doing really well now as mum has decided that she does like her after all!.

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