Thursday, 28 March 2013

Everything comes in threes

It's been something of a week of triplets.  Our lovely JoJo had 3 beautiful long-eared babies:

This year we mated her to our British Alpine male, Beamish.  So we were fully expecting black kids with long (but not Anglo Nubian) ears.  Shows how colour can play tricks!  Aren't they just gorgeous?  Light brown with cream on their faces and black spines.  Beautiful! Two males and a female - exactly the same as last year.  And, as last year, the two boys will be going to the Museum of Kent Life farm to live.

Then there was Marcie:

Lovely Marcie who was left slightly simple by a serious brain condition a couple of years ago.  She was a bit confused at first as something fell out of her bottom and then, all of a sudden, there were all these small bleating things shouting at her.  But she soon got the hang of it again and was a wonderful mum.  Three girls as well!  Makes up for the three boys that she had last time she kidded ...

And Marge:

And Sibyl:

And young Miranda who was scanned for quads, actually gave birth to triplets last night.

Valerie is still free range in the barn with her boys and has almost got full use of her leg back.  David thinks that it's all OK and she's just playing on it now!  Her little chaps are growing quickly and are getting into all sorts of naughtiness.  Like their mum, they always find the best spot to lie down for a rest:

As the weather is so cold at the moment, the groups of kids are all snuggling up together to keep warm.  They are all so cosy:

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