Monday, 18 March 2013

More tales of kidding

So, what do you do with your bucket when you've finished your breakfast?  You curl up and go to sleep in it .... obviously ...

We are getting some beautifully coloured kids this year and this little chap is no exception.  Resembles something like a freisian cow!

This week we have a young work experience girl with us - Jess.  She wants to be a vet and so is getting some animal handling experience while she is with us.  She came with me to the vet today for some disbudding and we also took Thelma's little girl with us as well.  This little one has very strange front legs and I wondered if the vets thought that anything could be done.  If not, then she would have to be sent to the big goatshed in the sky.

Fortunately, two of the vets agreed that it was worth taking a chance and they strapped the whole of her leg to try and keep it straight.  It makes her a bit miserable but I'm sure that she will be fine when she gets the hang of swinging that spare leg around.

Only one set of twins born today so maybe things are slowing down a bit!

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