Thursday, 17 January 2013

Out and about in the sunshine

Another glorious sunny blue-sky day and as the ground is nice and hard at the moment, the goaties decided that they would venture outside to check that their field was still there.  So, there was a lot of standing about in the yard first of all, whilst everyone decided if they were brave enough to go any further. 

After all, you never know what might have happened in your field whilst you have been indoors for weeks watching the miserable rain fall out of the sky.

But eventually, many of them trotted off outside and, in true meerkat fashion, several ran straight up their 'mountain' to act as sentries:

If you squint, you can just about see two of the bravest goaties snuffling about in the snow in the distance!  And that's Max peering out from behind the mountain, to the left:

David has fitted the snow plough brackets to the front of the tractor just in case we get more of that white stuff tonight.  By the look of the forecast, it may just miss us ... we will see.  But, the goats were all very pushy and naughty this evening - always a sign that the weather is going to do something unusual.

Here's Chickweed and Meryl in a very unflattering position, trying to get the last bits of food out of one of the dustbins at milking time this evening.  Bottoms up girls!

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