Wednesday, 23 January 2013

It's so quiet .. shhh ....

So there I was, just posting the last blog when I heard the characteristic sound of metal scraping tarmac.  Lo and behold!  David went past the window on his snow plough!!  Hurrah!  Only out to play for a few hours but better than nothing.

Monday morning was so white and quiet everywhere.  That's the main thing we love about snow - everyone stays at home and it is just so so quiet.  Most of the goaties stayed snuggled up indoors but brave Perdi goat went out for a little trot to see what was going on:

Perdi was dear old Betty's first kid - can you see the family resemblance??!

No?  Well, try these two pics ... Perdi on top and Betty below.

Same deep body, same grumpy face and same colour.  They both stand in the same way and they both stamp their little goatie feet in the miking parlour.

And we had some rather nice icicles hanging off the side of the parlour roof:

Most of the photos that I use in the blog are just quick snaps taken on my phone.  Occasionally, I have my digital camera with me at the right time but it's really not practical to carry it round when we are working with the goats.  The main point of the photos is to just give you some idea of what the goats are up to on a particular day.  They won't win any prizes for photography!

However, we do have a few lovely professional pics that were taken several years ago by the very talented Sue Clinker.  We have mentioned Sue before as she is an extremely good artist and was the lady responsible for drawing the picture of Ellie that we use in our dairy logo:
 Check out Sue's own blog at  to see more of her work but here's a few lovely photos of our own girls:

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