Sunday, 13 January 2013

A dreary January day

It's cold and it's very grey.  It's one of those dreary January days when we are waiting to see if the weather will get worse tonight as predicted.  Or whether it will all miss us completely, as happened last month!

So, everyone is snuggled up in the goat shed just doing the usual January goatie things.  Kitty is in her usual place on top of the haylage:

Not sure what all those spotty bits were on my camera lens but I can assure you that it wasn't snow!
Flora has found a comfy spot for the day:
Dipsy was fast asleep dreaming little goatie dreams:

Sibyl was busy with the mineral lick:
Goatlings were busy at the hayrack - can't believe that they are soon to be mums!
Little men were checking that there wasn't any more food left in their troughs.  After all, it must have been at least half an hour since breakfast time:
And little girls were busy stuffing their faces as well!
So I think that just about sums it up - everyone was either eating or sleeping!
And while we're on the subject of sleeping, I snapped this pic of Max fast asleep with his head on Fremlin as I walked into the barn this morning.  Only taken on my phone so not very good quality but I hope you get the general idea of how even the big boys like to snuggle up together.
And as I look up from my laptop, it's just started snowing!  Keep warm everyone!!

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