Sunday, 20 January 2013

It's snowing!

At last - a decent amount of snow.  But still not enough to shake the cobwebs off the snow plough.  David sits and waits and watches the weather ... The snow is too wet apparently.  Not drifting and not stacking up enough to go out.  Hey ho ..

The Gracie Moos were pleased to get a huge bale for their breakfast this morning:

How big are those calves now?!  Never ceases to amaze me how quickly they grow.
The water bowls in the barn have been frozen solid for a few days now and so the milkers have enormous tubs of water in their pen.  The problem is always how to get water to the little men and the goatlings.  Buckets are not really practical as they need so many and, being goats, they have a habit of throwing them around or getting them stuck on their heads. 
So, David came up with an original idea ... when they have finished eating, fill their troughs full of water.  Worked like a treat!  In the troughs that don't have drain holes in the bottom anyway ..
Most of the female kids haven't seen snow before and so there was much excitement at the funny white stuff blowing around.  Fortunately, it wasn't blowing into their barn very much.  It seemed to amuse them to stand indoors in the warm and just watch it through the window!
But, you know what mad collie dogs are like!  So, Nell and Ben were out and about having lots of fun in the snow.
And of course, it's always important to look glamorous in the snow. 
I'm not really that wide - it's the 7 layers under the jacket that do it!!

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