Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

As Keats said in his poem 'To Autumn' ....  There you go, you see ... I have had an education at some point in the distant past!!

Just something that came into my head this morning as I was looking at all the lovely things that appear at this time of year.  The first delicious Victoria plums and new season Spartan apples from Chegworth Valley (just down the road from here):

Blackberries ripening in the garden:

And my favourite lavender bush all in flower and ready for drying:

But the bit that the goaties like best is when everyone finishes picking their runner beans and gives us all the vines!  If they are lucky, there's always a few plump beans left on there as well.

One of my customers gave me a bag of bean vines last night when I delivered her milk, so the 'poorly' wanderers had another treat this morning!

Looks like Cora found one of those nice plump beans!

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