Thursday, 15 September 2011

Lady in Waiting

As well as the goats, we also have a small herd of pedigree Sussex cows, affectionately known as 'David's pet cows' or 'The Gracie Moos'. We have just one heifer left to calve and it looks like she may be thinking about doing something fairly soon.  This is her doing a lot of standing about and thinking ealier this morning.
Here are the 3 other calves - born within the last 4 weeks.  Cute, but not quite as cute as wee goaties (just my humble opinion).  The larger one to the right of the picture is last year's calf.  
So. Wednesday involved a lot of driving as I headed off to High Weald Dairy in Sussex with a large delivery of frozen goat's milk for them. They are our main wholesaler and send our milk all over the country. It's always interesting to find out where it ends up and I have had
phone calls from shops in Exeter, Devon and Bristol as well as a text message from a friend on holiday in Cornwall who was amazed to see it in the freezer of a small village shop where she was staying! 
Usually the journey to High Weald takes about an hour but yesterday the M26 and the M25 were absolutely dreadful and I decided to take the very scenic route to get there.  A little longer than usual but a beautiful drive down through Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Hartfield (past the Winnie the Pooh shop) and through the Ashdown Forest. Glorious sunny day.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Delivered over 400 litres of milk to Cheesemakers of Canterbury this morning in Dargate, near Faversham.  They take our milk once a week to turn into their award winnning Kelly's Canterbury Goat (hard cheese) and Gruff (semi-hard cheese).  Thursday and Friday are busy days for both them and us as we have to get all our orders sorted out ready for
delivery.  We work very closely with Jane Bowyer and her team and we share deliveries in order to save both of us driving round the county to the same places.  Seems to work pretty well! 

Goats were all out in the field when I left the farm earlier - enjoying some late summer sun.


  1. I'm here from Sue's blog. I have followed her for quite some time. I love the photos she has of your goats and wanted to come see some more of them. The kid is sooooooo cute. I have only been around the two goats from the living museum here in our town and they are old and lumpy. Friendly but not so pretty for photos. Kind of like me. lol So glad youare blogging.

  2. Hi Jeanne

    Thanks for visiting ... Promise I will keep posting photos for you! Old lumpy ones as well as cute babies :-)