Sunday, 11 September 2011

Time well spent

Goat kids really are the most delightful and enchanting little creatures and you can spend many hours in the barn talking to them and watching their antics. No time spent with the goats is ever wasted as it is very important that you know all your animals well and that they are used to being handled by humans. This ensures that they are always calm and friendly if you should need to do any routine tasks, such as foot-trimming, and it also means that young milkers coming through the milking parlour for the first time are much less stressed as they trust their humans. 

We make sure we find the time to spend with the male kids who we will rear as stud animals because they will grow into huge and very powerful boys. Male goats are exceptionally strong and the largest male at Ellie’s Dairy, Navajo, stands well over 7ft tall on his hind legs. And he’s not even fully grown yet! Very important that he is friendly and used to being handled.

This is the man himself, enjoying a quiet moment:

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