Tuesday, 20 September 2011

It's a hard life being Marmite

So there I was, up at the crack of dawn as usual to do the goats, leaving Marmite fast asleep on the bed.  Having done all the milking and sorted out the goats, I came back home to get stuck into my paperwork and where was Marmite?  Still fast asleep on the bed.  Now 6 hours later and she is ..... guess where? Yep, got it in one.  Fast asleep on the bed.  If I had set up a time lapse camera, you would have seen exactly the same picture for the last few hours.

Note the very slightly opened eyes ... just to check what I was doing and if it was worth getting up for.  Obviously it wasn't!

The goats are not venturing out much today as it's pretty windy and threatening rain.  The only ones brave enough to stick their noses out are the ones who are coming into season and who are suddenly developing an interest in the boys outside.  This morning we had Daphne and Florence wagging their tails and fluttering their eyelashes at the chaps.  All the boys seemed suitably impressed, especially Max and Norville who started snorting and blowing raspberries at them over the fence.  I am keeping a close eye out for Columbia, Moyra, Roz and Twiggy who we did not manage to get in kid last year for various reasons.  As soon as they even think about wagging their tails, they will be sent off with a boy round the back of the bike sheds!!

Had a moment to myself last night and took a look at the Weston A Price Foundation website to see if there was anything new and interesting up there.  The WAPF is a charitable organisation dedicated to education and research into optimum nutrition.  They are HUGE fans of unpasteurised dairy products and I was invited to sell our milk at their last two London conferences which were an outstanding success.  As a raw milk producer, I am always on the lookout for data and articles relating to the subject and WAPF came up trumps with a couple of new ones yesterday.  For those of you who are interested in that kind of stuff, check out their raw milk campaign website at http://www.realmilk.com/

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  1. I thought I'd commented on this photo before but .... maybe its lost in cyberspace

    I just love Marmite .. I think she'll soon have her own fanclub (never mind the goats, we want more Marmite)!!