Monday, 8 February 2016

The scanning man cometh!

Today was the day when our exceedingly busy scanning man came to call.  All the goaties were moved over one side of the barn and gates placed in strategic places so that everyone could be walked/shoved through Michael's special scanning contraption.

Michael sits in his little machine so that he can scan the goats as they come through and he can see the image on a screen in front of him:

Joe, Anita and Sam were catching goaties and pushing them through:

- some were more reluctant than others to walk into the strange contraption!

David was at the front end to read ear tags and spray mark bottoms and I was trying to keep up with all the paperwork on the right hand side!

It was a bit of a marathon but everyone behaved very well and so I now have a complete list of all the babies that are due to arrive in a few weeks.

We had a couple of nice surprises as some of the older girls are actually in kid.  Highlight of the day was our dear old Thelma goat who is having twins.  Thelma has been with us for almost 12 years and hasn't kidded for some time.  This year, despite her grand old age, she was fit and healthy and wagging her tail at the boys and so we let her in for a little romantic liaison with Fenn.

Thelma absolutely adores babies .. you may remember from years gone by that she and Margot are the herd midwives.  Between them, they attend every birth and help the new mums clean up their new born babies.  So, it will be absolutely wonderful to see Thelma with her own kids once again,  Can't wait!

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  1. Dear Debbie.. you're such a 'granny'.. now if only these goaty girlies could or would have their babies at a reasonable hour, like in the middle of the day, and not in the bitterly cold early hours of the morning or late at night. We're waiting for an emergency plumber otherwisw she'd be chewing a chocolate salami with you at a FM. See you soon, GeeGee's mum.