Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Still thawing out after a rather chilly day at Chiswick Food Market today.  Despite thermal leggings, fantastic socks and neoprene boots, I still lost contact with my toes around 11am!  Sign of age I think.

Well, I have to say that's it not been a brilliant week on the goatie front as a couple of our girls have aborted their kids.  Not entirely unexpected as the scanning had showed up a couple of potential problems, but it's always sad when it does happen.  And we always have to cross our fingers and hope that everyone else will be OK and that we are not heading for lots of problems.  Just to be sure, we have sent a couple of the foetuses off to the new vet school at the University of Surrey to have a post mortem.

But we did have a bit of a traumatic Friday night as we had to rush young Esther goat off to the surgery to have her kid removed.  It was very bloated and swollen and neither myself or David could get it out.  It's not often we can't sort out a kidding but this needed smaller hands and more equipment!  The new young vet on call was excellent and, between the three of us, we did finally manage to extract it .. poor Esther was absolutely exhausted by the time we had finished.  She was glad to get back home to her comfy warm bed of straw and bucket of warm water.  She was a very brave girl.

The drier weather during the week tempted many of the goaties outside onto their mountain and they all had a happy hour or two skipping around in the sunshine:

And when the sun moved round, the usual group of sun-worshippers lined themselves up to enjoy the warmth:

And finally, Fizzy Whizz would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.  Goatie Auntie Anita had an artistic moment with the spray marker when Fizzy had her feet trimmed last week ..

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