Sunday, 28 February 2016

But it was not to be ...

Sadly, our sweet girl Alice did not make it and has gone to goatie heaven with her two unborn kids.  A traumatic end to the week which made us all very sad.

She had been doing so well but became much worse on Thursday, barely eating or drinking.  On Friday, I had to syringe glucose and liquids down her throat in the hope of giving her the boost that she so desperately needed.  But it became clear that she was fading rapidly and so that dreaded call was made to the vet.

Our wonderful vet Peter checked her out again and confirmed what we already knew .. that she was struggling.  Sadly, there was no way to save the kids without considerable trauma to Alice in her last moments and, with her having been so poorly, it was very unlikely that they would have survived an induced birth 3 weeks early.  As I held her close, the three of them slipped away together and another little hole was left in our herd.

Alice was a beautiful girl and at 7 years old she should still have had a few more years ahead of her.  But it was not to be.

Goodbye sweet Alice ..

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