Thursday, 2 October 2014

Goaties at rest

How about these for some stressed-out, hard-working goatie girls:


Pandora and Sibyl

All lying down outside after milking - waiting for the barn doors to open up again so they can run inside and settle back down on their nice comfy straw mattresses.  It's a hard life!

The boys are in full gobbling mode now as those lovely girls start to strut their stuff.  As I think I may have mentioned in the past - male goats have some rather disgusting habits during the mating season .. As a result, Daramac is going a lovely shade of yellow, rather than the magnificent white beastie that he was earlier in the year.

And how quickly those babies are growing ..

But, as usual, everything is just too much for some tiny people .. Cicely's little girlie went fast asleep after her bottle of milk this morning ..

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