Thursday, 9 October 2014

There's always one ...

Those of you familiar with our little goatie family may remember that we start all our kids off on bottles of milk and then gradually move them over to feed on milk powder from an automatic machine. 

As we have only a few kids at the moment, it is not worth connecting and running the big machine and so we connect their teats up to buckets instead.  Just like this ..

It all works very well and most babies soon get the hang of feeding themselves ..

But every year, there are always one or two kids who just can't get the hang of it and we have to continue to feed them with bottles instead.

So, here is the latest refusnik ..

Danny Boy.  A beautiful big British Alpine baby - son of our lovely Dani goat.

It took him a while to get the hang of bottle feeding, but once he figured it out, he was well away.  But, I have tried and tried to get him to feed off the teats and he will not have any of it.  Absolutely refuses.  Won't do it.  And, he will not drink milk replacer either.  Has to have proper milk from a bottle.  Nothing else will do.  Little monkey.

And what a change in the weather this week.  Suddenly chilly in the mornings.  It was only 1 degree when I drove up to the farm earlier this week.  Time for fleeces, woolly hats and the head torch!  Always nice to bring a bit of glamour to the goat shed ...

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