Monday, 26 May 2014

A goatie birthday party

Well, as you remember, it was Betty and Wilma's 10th birthday last week.  Our lovely goatie helper Anita was not working with us on their actual birthday and so she arrived this morning with some belated birthday treats for our girlies.

Anita had gone to a lot of trouble to design a special birthday platter for the girls.  How wonderful is this?! 

Piles of delicious fresh fruit and some specially baked goatie biscuits (made of goat-friendly ingredients of course!)

Betty and Wilma had invited a couple of close friends to their party as well.  Tammy and Thelma are the only other two of our 10 and 11 year old girls left now and they came along to share in the treats.

Everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' as Anita brought in the goodies ..

but it didn't take long for everyone to tuck in!

Tammy was particularly partial to the strawberries ..

Everyone had a lovely time and went back into the barn with tums full of fruit and biscuits.  Thank you Auntie Anita!

And just in case you were wondering how 'little' Humphrey is getting on ... here he is. 

The most beautiful horns ..

What a handsome chap!

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