Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A day away

Surely not!  Oh yes indeed .... I am away for a day!  In Leicester ... But it is related to goatie business as I have headed up the M1 to attend the spring Goat Veterinary Society meeting tomorrow.  Get the chance to meet up with lots of interesting people and listen to some great speakers on all kinds of subjects goatie.  Should be a fantastic day.

Next week is David's turn as he heads off to Stoneleigh for a 2 day exhibition on Grassland and Muck.  He knows how to have a good time!

As you may realise, we never go away together any more as one of us needs to be at home with all those goatie girls and boys.  However .... we did have a day off simultaneously last weekend when we left our goatie helpers Mel and Anita in charge for the whole day as we had a wonderful time helping our dear friends Mark (he of the enormous motor home!) and Frances celebrate their wedding.  This is the first time that David and I have had a 'day off' together for around 8 years!

It was so nice to meet up with old friends again - particularly Simon and Jill (in this photo).  We all used to go motor racing together for many years but haven't had a chance to catch up for a long time.  Happy days!

The goaties have been making the most of the nice weather and have been spending lots of time out in their field.  They are strange creatures though, as I have said before, and tend to loiter at the entrance to the field for quite some time before they finally decide to go out.  Almost like they have to have a meeting first.

In the middle of evening milking on Monday, the sky went very black and it suddenly started to rain.  Many of the goats were right down at the bottom of the field and everyone started to hurry back in to avoid getting their ears wet.  A few of them were too busy fighting in the gateway to notice the weather ..

The quickest way to get your goats back into the shed is to bring on the rain!  By the way - the noise you can hear in the background is the milking parlour running ..

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