Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Husky finds a new friend

Since the arrival of the young Mary goats and the goatlings mixing with the milkers, our young Husky has been a lot more settled.  She seems a lot happier to stay in with everyone else now and hardly ever escapes into the barn.  Possibly because she is older and wiser but also I think she is much happier that she has other goaties the same age and size as herself.

But she has always been a bit of a loner.  So, imagine my surprise when I found her snuggled up to one of the goatlings yesterday.  Very cosy together ... Best mates!

Here they are - Husky and her new friend Serena:

Little goats always make me smile.  Just the way they always find pleasure in the simplest things - like a freshly filled hayrack.  Some of our lot have now decided that they can dive below the hayracks to find tasty bits of hay and so we have a kind of 'upstairs-downstairs' situation ..

Whilst I was filling hayracks this afternoon I noticed a small group of little goaties staring at something in the straw at the front of their pen.  On closer investigation I found this ..

A cream coloured male ferret all curled up and fast asleep!  Always a bit wary of ferrets with exceedingly sharp teeth, I picked him up very carefully but he seemed very laid back and didn't try to bite me.

Kelly (daughter of Jane the Cheese) and I put him into a bucket and took him to one of my customers who has quite a few ferrets.  She has taken him in and I think he will be thoroughly spoilt!  I did wonder if he was ill but apparently ferrets can sleep very soundly - hopefully this is the case and he will soon be back to his usual lively self.

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