Friday, 21 February 2014

A glorious day!

What a fantastic day for weather!  Bright blue sky and sunshine all round ..

Some of the bravest goaties went straight out into the field after milking - those little dots in the distance!

Some, like young Serena, decided that it was far too wet and only went as far as the mineral lick ..

Whilst others dithered around outside the back of the barn trying to decide whether it was worth getting their toes muddy ..

As you see, horrendous amounts of mud!  Note the large rubber stable mats that we have laid out all the way along the side of the barn and out into the field to try and make things a little less messy for those goatie girls.

I spent the day driving about with my deliveries in my new van.  Yes, NEW van.  How exciting is that?!

And very lovely and comfy it is too.  And lots more space in the back to fit all that 'stuff' in ..

It's that time of year when goats start to get fat and lazy before kidding.  And some go off their food a little too.   Our sweet little Aretha is refusing to eat anything but hay at the moment.  She is one of David's favourite little goats and so he has been tempting her with fresh fruit and other such yummy things.

So, now, every time she comes into the parlour she gives you a hard stare and waits for the treats to appear.  Here she is, waiting for her evening banana ..

Who could resist such an appealing little face?!


  1. 'Respect' springs to mind ... or was that Aretha Franklin? LOL
    So lovely to see sunshine instead of grey skies and rain isn't it

  2. Oh yes indeed .. her namesake!! Don't know if you remember but most of my British Alpine girlies are named after soul or motown singers. So, as well as Aretha we have Eartha, Billie, Whitney, Etta, Tina, Mavis, Grace, Gladys, Diana, Shelley, Vera etc ....