Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A weekend with Weston A Price

Jane the Cheese and I spent a wonderful weekend at the Weston A Price Foundation European Conference in the wonderful setting of Sandown Park Racecourse.  It was a long couple of days but very much worth it and we both enjoyed ourselves.

This is the fourth WAPF conference that I have attended and it just gets bigger and better every year!  There is so much to see and learn and try .. the whole place is just so full of energy.  Everyone is really keen to learn about things and our wonderful raw milk is always a great hit with all those who try it.

Here's Jane's smart new van parked outside the main grandstand:


And the lady herself ..

We always share a stand - I only take up a little bit of space with our milk but this year I also took along a selection of our wonderful soaps as well as a couple of beautiful soft kid skins.

And on Sunday, I had to give a talk on 'Keeping a Family Goat'.  A few people came to listen and, unknown to me, Jane sneaked in at the back of the room with my camera and took a couple of pics.

Joe covered my London farmers markets again and David looked after all the goaties, with some help from Mel.  It's wonderful not having to worry about leaving David on his own - I can just concentrate on what I am meant to be doing instead of feeling guilty about not being there!

Here's a couple of goatie pics for you ... Aretha and her sister Dolores curled up fast asleep.  How cosy is this?!

And look who's in the hayrack!  Yes, young Miss Husky goat.  That's Aretha staring round the corner.

And, having searched high and low in the house to try and find Marmite Cat, she was finally located high up on a shelf in the kitchen boiler cupboard!.  Obviously nice and toasty warm up there ..

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