Wednesday, 11 December 2013

More cheese please!

Cheese, cheese and more cheese!!  It's that Xmas cheesey time of year when the world goes mad ... Not being a great fan of the festive season myself, I do find it hard to believe how much extra food people think they need at this time of year.  And just how much gets wasted.  But hey ho ..

With my dairy fairy still out of action, I have been busy trying to make all the extra Xmas cheese, pack it all up and deliver it.  It's a bit of a struggle I must admit but I can't complain - it's so much better than not having any milk or cheese like last year.  Remember how dire our winter was last year??  Mmmm .. don't want to go through that again.  Much better to be snowed under with cheese than have none at all.

Our lovely goatie helper Anita came with me to help make cheese last week .. And a great help she was too!  Here she is looking proud with her cheese at the end of the day:

And here's an interesting picture of me in the maturing room .. how many legs does this cheesemaker have?!

Farmers markets can sometimes be fairly quiet at this time of year though as people concentrate on getting their Xmas present shopping done.  However, West Hampstead and Brixton were pretty steady last weekend but a lull in customers at Brixton allowed me time to take a couple of pics of the Akiki Biodynamics stall next to me .. just look at these squashes and mistletoe!

And lovely Edmund from Perry Court Farm brought over a couple of bags of sprout tops for the goaties.  Here's Betty, Wilma and Chickweed enjoying their treats at milking time:

And who is this handsome chap at the back gate of the milking parlour? 

 Yes, no other than our little Humphrey goat.  Seems to have suddenly grown up a bit.  His face is also changing and he is losing that 'little boy' look .. growing into a very handsome chap though!

He was soon joined by mum Valerie:

I think that's what is known as a 'hard stare'!!

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  1. Bah Humbug ... as you know, we aren't Christmassy people either!

    Just got back from Fuerte in the early hours and went to stock up on food today. Very pleased to see that the Tankerton Butcher is selling Ellies cheeses now! Just waiting to see them on sale in the Greengrocers who now have a lovely tea room out back